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magicians and merlin todd walton

This painting, the third of the four Magician family portraits, is 22 x 17 inches. The media are watercolor, ink, and colored pencils on watercolor paper.

Merlin is a rakishly handsome inventor, painfully shy, and fearful of women because he finds them immeasurably more interesting than his inventions, which are the only things he allows himself to care about. Merlin’s hat in this painting is one of his inventions and employs motion-generated micro-sonic vibrations to power thousands of tiny generators that charge batteries stored in the hat’s brim. Colorful solar panels add to the charge, so that a brisk fifteen-minute stroll on a sunny day will produce more than enough electricity to power a small refrigerator for a week. Mrs. Magician despairs of Merlin or his sister Mystery ever marrying and producing grandchildren, and so looks to her son Mischief in that regard.


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