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magicians and merlin todd walton

This painting, the fourth of the four Magician family portraits, is 22 x 14 inches. The media are watercolor, ink, and colored pencils on watercolor paper.

Mischief, the youngest of the three Magician children, is a great acrobat; and because he is broad-shouldered, remarkably strong, and wonderfully good-natured, he is much sought after by other acrobats to be the foundation, literally, of their acrobatic inventions. Mischief is the only one of the three Magician children to follow directly in his mother’s footsteps, Mrs. Magician having been an accomplished acrobat until the age of twenty-four when she gave up back flips and handstands for motherhood.

Six-feet-two-inches-tall, Mischief tips the scales at one hundred and ninety-four pounds. Possessed of his father’s wiry hair and his mother’s light blue eyes, Mischief is handsome in that mysterious way of people who think well of themselves no matter how they appear; and thus they are inevitably pleasing to others. This is the truth about beauty; the eye of the beholder can’t hold a candle to the heart of the beheld. Women, with few exceptions, adore Mischief, in part because he gently lifts them off their feet when he hugs them in greeting, and does so with such ease they feel light as little girls, which they are, and in part because he is fascinated by women and listens to them with the rapt attention of a curious puppy. When he speaks, Mischief very nearly sings, his voice a pleasing baritone, though he rarely speaks for long, preferring to listen.


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