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Ida’s Place—Book Three: Rehearsal (2015)

Idas Place Book 3 Rehearsal by Todd Walton This the third volume of the four Ida’s Place novels set in and around Ida’s Place, a bakery café in the mythical coastal town of Big River in the far north of California.

In Ida’s Place—Book One: Return, Ida Kaminsky and her son Simon returned to Big River after a twelve-year absence to reunite with Ida’s childhood sweetheart Donald Covey, a fisherman turned carpenter.

Ida’s Place—Book Two: Revival brought back many of the delightful characters introduced in Book One.

Ida’s Place—Book Three: Rehearsal introduces several exciting new characters into the mix who precipitate large changes and upheavals in the lives of the denizens of the nonpareil bakery café.

Handsome comb-bound copies of Ida’s Place—Book Three: Rehearsal are available for ) dollars, each volume extravagantly signed and numbered by Todd.


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