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Under the Table Books

...is home to to the creative works of Todd Walton, including his short story collection Buddha In A Teacup, and Todd's many albums of music.

What's New?

Little Movies! Oasis Tales of the Conjuror! Lounge Act In Heaven!

OASIS TALES OF THE CONJUROR and LITTLE MOVIES, Todd's new books of stories, are now available from your favorite booksellers. His CDs LOUNGE ACT IN HEAVEN and DREAM OF YOU are here. You can download them from iTunes or CD Baby or listen to the songs on YouTube and Spotify. Todd would love to know what you think about his creations. Please SUBSCRIBE for free to his blog and you'll get an email notice every time he posts something new. His latest blog entry is Cozy Fart Head Mozart.


If you want to purchase any of Todd’s creations you can use your credit card and don’t have to belong to PayPal, though they administer credit card purchases on this site. Or you can click on links to Amazon or Audible or CD Baby or iTunes to download Todd’s music, stories, and audio recordings. And if you don’t wish to buy anything, please enjoy our stories and songs and videos gratis.



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