Why Not Bernie?

geese over headlands

Here’s what I think. I could be wrong, but I think this is true. The elite billionaires and millionaires who have controlled the Democratic Party for the last forty years would rather have Donald Trump win re-election than give up their control of the party to Bernie Sanders and his legions of non-billionaires and non-millionaires. To that end, they have engineered yet another campaign and media blitz suggesting that only one of their kind, in this case Joe Biden, can beat Trump, and that Bernie Sanders cannot beat Trump.

Never mind that poll after poll indicated the opposite was true. Millions of people who would have voted for Bernie Sanders have either already voted for Biden in various primaries or will vote for him in the upcoming primaries because they are so afraid of another four years of Trump. And yet by choosing Biden over Sanders they virtually guarantee Trump will win again.

I’m very sad about this and hope I’m wrong. I have sympathy for everyone who has been manipulated into voting for Biden and not for Bernie. I, too, am a fearful person. I’m afraid of what is going to happen economically and environmentally with four more years of Trump or Biden, both of them representing the monetary interests of the 1% and nobody and nothing else.

Marcia and I were talking about how to keep our spirits up in the wake of this latest episode of fear triumphing over truth and Marcia said, “Let’s try to be good Buddhists. To have compassion for people who disagree with us, not disdain.”

I think of Mary Oliver’s poem The Buddha’s Last Instruction that begins Make of yourself a light and ends He looked into the faces of that frightened crowd.

So even if fear triumphs again over the possibility of real positive change, I will endeavor to make of myself a light for my loved ones and my friends and my community. A healing light, a humorous light, a generous light, a loving light. After all, that’s what Bernie does as he fearlessly speaks the truth and labors tirelessly for the good of all. 

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