Galaxy Rover Report #1

Star Date: April 3 Hebrew 5780

Seen from afar, the planet is most attractive. Tantalizing glistenings and myriad gradual indentations and smooth surface flows suggest presence of copious oils, solids, and possibly digestible proteins. Oceanic textures indicate great deeps and possible aquatic edibles. Given how long it has been since we’ve landed anywhere (eons!) and how stir crazy the crew, our hyper-cautious commander has decided to take us into the gravitational pull for a closer look.

The beautiful land mass surrounded by the vast blue ocean is most enticing. Structural artifacts of advanced life forms (possibly still extant) indicate this planet might be able to sustain our kind of life. Our initial data probes indicate an oxygen-rich atmosphere, vast stretches of terra firma, and sounds resembling our kind of music, notably Dave Brubeck’s Take Five.

In a fit of nostalgia, our cartographer has named the planet Over Easy.

This view of a forest on Over Easy suggests tasty comestibles may abound. Given our need to undertake major repairs and stretch our legs and minds, we are going to enter the planet’s atmosphere and make landfall any minute now.

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