Bernie and Precious Dream

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I’m voting for Bernie Sanders and contributing to his campaign because he is the only person in my lifetime, seventy years, who wants what I want for our society and the world and has a chance, however slim, of becoming President of the United States. I hope you vote for him, too.

Twenty years ago, I wrote a song called ‘Precious Dream’. Marcia and I recorded the song on our CD So Not Jazz ten years ago. When the CD came out, we gave some concerts and ended each of our shows with a performance of ‘Precious Dream’.

Many people said the song would make a good campaign song for a dream candidate yet to materialize. And now Bernie Sanders has materialized and here’s hoping our precious dream can at least start to come true.

You can hear our rendition of ‘Precious Dream’ on YouTube.

Precious Dream

Last night I had a precious dream,

dreamt I woke into the dawn,

walked out of my little cottage,

found a newspaper on the lawn

When I picked up that morning tribune

it opened to the very front page

and the headlines they told me

it was the dawning of a brand new age


Yeah the rich folks had all decided

to share their money with the poor

and the leaders had disbanded all the armies,

not another dollar to be spent on war.

They’d stopped building prisons,

put that money in our schools and neighborhoods

and instead of building bombs and things we don’t need

we were all of us working for the greater good


Yes they stopped clear-cutting the forests,

killing all the animals,

stopped dumping poison in the ground

and the rivers and the sea.

Oh the cars ran clean, trains ran smooth and fast,

the air was clear,

food and shelter, health-care guaranteed


And the movies were about fascinating people

with real problems, you know, the real stuff

and our heroes were bright and generous,

pioneers of truth and love


When I woke up, my heart was pounding,

and I prayed my dream had all come true,

but I knew as well as you do

that that’s really up to me and you


Yes, we have it in our power to change the way we live

we have it in our power to take no more than we give

we have it in our power to love instead of hate

we have it in our power to make these changes

before it’s all too late