Healing Adventures

Dear Reader

If perchance you have been following the adventures of Healing Weintraub, we are pleased to tell you the saga has reached a turning point. Which is to say, there WILL be more Healing Weintraub stories following a hiatus of unknown duration.

In the meantime, we are VERY EXCITED to report that the first twenty-some adventures have been assembled into a single manuscript and the process of revising the collection into a novel of stories, rather than a collection of freestanding stories, has begun.

Inspired rewriting is underway and myriad redundancies are being eliminated while new details and unexpected twists and turns join the fun. When the Healing manuscript is reconstructed and polished and thoroughly vetted, we hope to publish the opus as an actual book and downloadable e-book AND bring forth an audio version of yours truly narrating the tales.

Please stay tuned for a birth announcement regarding Through the Fire, our new CD of tunes and stories soon to debut physically and digitally.

Wishing you a happy new year.


The News a short story written and read by Todd

From the CD of stories I Remember You by Todd & Marcia