Banana Blueberry Apple Jacks

Here is my recipe for 9 big delicious gluten-free banana apple blueberry pancakes.

One: Put a cup of sorghum flour or millet flour or a half-cup of each in a medium-sized mixing bowl

Two: Add a quarter teaspoon of baking soda

Three: Add a cup and a quarter of rice milk or almond milk

Four: Mix using a fork or soft spatula until smooth

Five: Add two eggs

Six: Mash a banana with a fork (on a plate) until the banana is the consistency of baby food and add this to the mix

Seven: Peel an apple and grate the peeled apple into the mix

Eight: Stir all this up really well

Nine: Mix in three or four teaspoons of olive oil

Ten: Chop a bunch of blueberries in half and add those

Eleven: Oil your frying pan and get it hot

Twelve: Scoop a brimming quarter cup of the batter for each cake into the frying pan. My pan makes three at a time.

Thirteen: Cook for two minutes, flip, cook for two more minutes. (I use a timer for this step.)

Fourteen: Serve with yogurt and syrup and top with more blueberries.

Note: You can use strawberries or huckleberries or peaches or any kind of fruit instead of (or with) blueberries

Bon Appetite!