log dyad

Though they are as different as night and day, they like hanging out together. They are about the same size. They both enjoy surfing and sunbathing and meditating. They are both existentialists. They sometimes think about getting married, but they are each fiercely independent. So they entrust their lives to fate and tides and currents and love bumping into each other here and there along their ways.

vast beach

We love to go to the beach when the tide is very low. We head north across the great expanse of sand, wandering somewhat aimlessly because there is no path. We revel in the aimlessness. That’s part of the reason we go to the beach when the tide is way out and the expanse of sand is vast, so we can wander aimlessly yet also be together.

beach path

A few beach visits ago we found the tracks of a vehicle in the sand, most likely made by a park ranger’s truck since no other vehicles are allowed on the beach. And because the tracks delineated a path, we walked on the path for a while, our aimless wandering given direction and boundaries for a few moments. We both expressed surprise and delight at having a well-defined path to follow. 

big river slide

When the path ended we resumed our more improvisational rambling and soon forgot there had ever been a path.

gull reflections