Sir Garth

From the outset of my friendship with Garth Hagerman, I began my emails to him with Sir Garth. I sent him hundreds of emails over the years using this opening salutation, and he never once commented on my referencing what I felt was his inherent nobility; and he steadfastly signed all his emails to me groovalicious.

Garth died a week ago at the age of sixty-three after many months in the hospital battling cancer. A brilliant computer whiz with a degree in Drama from UC Berkeley, he was the creator and maintainer of my web site and blog, and Marcia’s web sites, and he helped us design the packaging for our many albums of music. He also designed the covers and formatted the text for eight of my spiral-bound works of fiction.

Several years ago a reading of my play Milo & Angel was staged at the Mendocino Theatre Company. The actor who was to read one of the lead roles left the cast a few days before the reading, and I asked Garth if he would read the part. On very short notice, he performed his part with exactly the emotion I’d hoped for, exceeding my expectations by light years. His performance helped make the reading a resounding success. In response to my profuse thanks, he nodded humbly and said, “Any time.”

I did not know Garth much beyond our professional interactions, yet I considered him a good friend. He was an excellent photographer, an avid hiker, a great communications facilitator for us and for many people in the community; and for his last twenty-three years the devoted partner of Andrea.

During a brief interlude of relatively calm sailing in the midst of his long illness, he helped me create the cover for our latest album of songs Ahora Entras Tu.

We miss you Sir Garth, noble soul.

Blessings and thanks.