our farewell visit

This was my last conversation with Vito before he and his parents left Mendocino for their new life in Switzerland.

Vito: Todd, I want to tell you something about my mind. Every second I remember everything that ever happened to me. And then the next second I remember everything again.

Todd: And you can talk to other people and eat apples and play with your friends while you’re remembering?

Vito: I do it at the same time. My mind is just always remembering everything.

Todd: I remember things about my life, but not everything.

Vito: Do you remember when you were 6?

Todd: I remember what I got for my sixth birthday.

Vito: What did you get?

Todd: A puppy. I got to pick her out and I named her Cozy. (I describe Cozy)

Vito: What did you get when you were seven?

Todd: I think maybe a bicycle.

Vito: How about when you were nine?

Todd: A bow and arrows.

Vito: Could you shoot an arrow higher than those trees? (points at giant redwoods)

Todd: Not as high, but almost.

Vito: How about when you were eighteen?

Todd: My mom gave me her electric typewriter.

Vito: What’s a typewriter?

(I explain)

Vito: How about when you were forty-nine?

Todd: Hmm. Possibly a new frying pan.

Vito laughs.

Ceremony of the Child