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Reading my stories aloud and recording them for you to hear is big fun for me. First of all, I know many people enjoy hearing my stories read aloud, and second of all, performing my prose allows me to be an actor without the fear of forgetting my lines. Heaven. Thirdly, I get to share with listeners the manner in which the words came to me (the way I first heard them), complete with all the pauses, the emphases, the quickenings, and the slowings. Fourthly, bringing my stories to life in audio form gives them new life, and that is the biggest fun of all.

We'd love to hear what you think of the readings, so please feel free to email us with your comments. Thanks for listening.

For samples from the music CDs, visit each CD’s page or listen to all of Todd’s many recorded songs on YouTube. Just enter Todd Walton and the name of the CD.


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