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Ida’s Place—Book Four: Renegade (2015)

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This is the fourth and final volume of the Ida’s Place novels set in and around Ida’s Place, a bakery café in the mythical coastal town of Big River in the far north of California. In Ida’s Place—Book One: Return, Ida Kaminsky and her son Simon return to Big River after a twelve-year absence to reunite with Ida’s childhood sweetheart Donald, a fisherman turned carpenter, his mother Maeve, and the fascinating folks of Big River.

Ida’s Place—Book Two: Revival, set five years after the first volume in the series, brings back many of the delightful characters introduced in Book One and chronicles the birth of Golden Buddha Theatre Company.

Ida’s Place—Book Three: Rehearsal set four years after the second volume in the series, introduces several exciting new characters, each of whom precipitate large changes and upheavals in the lives of the denizens of the nonpareil bakery café and theatre company.

Ida’s Place—Book Four: Renegade set five years after the third volume in the series, introduces the incomparable Vanda Crash, the intriguing Inga Sederstrom, the magnificent Calista Eversong, and her awkwardly charming son Phoenix, the formidable Gregory Marz, and several remarkable little kids to spice up the lives of the Ida’s Place irregulars.


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