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Ida’s Place—Book Two: Revival (2014)

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This the second volume of the four Ida’s Place novels set in and around Ida’s Place, a bakery café in the mythic coastal town of Big River in far northern California.

In Book One, Ida Kaminsky and her son Simon returned to Big River after a twelve-year absence to reunite with Ida’s childhood sweetheart Donald Covey, a fisherman turned carpenter.

Ida’s Place—Book Two: Revival brings back nearly all the delightful and intriguing characters introduced in Book One, including Ida, Donald, Simon and Maeve, Donald’s delightful Irish mother, Nazrun the sexy Turkish savant, Elena the exotic Lithuanian baker, Jenny the beguiling British waitress, the Romanian Gypsy sisters Mada, Livia and Anica, Eddie Ontiveros, farmer and strong man, his wife Ruth and daughter Louann, and Duyi, Jiahui, Joe, and Far Ling, owners of the cavernous old building wherein Ida’s Place resides.


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