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Oasis Tales of the Conjuror (2013)

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Oasis Tales of the Conjuror focuses on the life of Anza, a clairvoyant healer, and his family and friends who live in a walled oasis in a time of relative peace following an era of apocalyptic war and famine. The tiny paradise is home to artisan farmers and is remarkably self-sustaining. Allied to a great city, the oasis is on the brink of new disaster as its population begins to outstrip its food supply. Through a series of connected tales, Anza and the people of the oasis must overcome escalating challenges to their continuance. The stories composing the novella are humorous, dramatic, and mysterious, driven by the imperatives of community, love, and survival.


To whet your appetite, here are the first three chapters of Oasis Tales of the Conjuror. [downloadable pdf file]

Handsome comb-bound copies of Oasis Tales of the Conjuror with evocative illustrations by the author, are available, each volume extravagantly signed and numbered by Todd.

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