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Open Body (1998)

“Todd Walton’s book embodies the highest teachings of yoga. If you’ve ever felt tyrannized just looking at a yoga book or tried and failed to force your body into physical fitness, Open Body offers the hope and encouragement we all need to trust our instincts and then let the body tell us what it knows.”

—Donna Farhi, international yoga teacher

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In 1997, as a Christmas present for friends needing help with aches and pains and chronic stiffness, I made a little booklet about my yoga practice and asked Vance Lawry to illustrate the gift with his inspiring gesture drawings. My literary agent of that moment said if I would expand the text she would try to sell the book, which she did. Alas, the publisher (Avon) took the book out-of-print BEFORE it was published. However, Open Body continues to sell on the Internet and has brought me letters from yoga teachers and grateful readers from far and wide.

I recently had inquiries about Open Body from yoga teachers in England and Finland and Australia who’d heard about the book from Donna Farhi who often reads from Open Body at her yoga intensives and teacher trainings. Thank you, Donna!


“I love this book! Open Body quenched my soul thirst. As a person who was afraid of ‘doing yoga wrong,’ I found healing invitations in this book that caused me to breathe deeply and do a somersault.”


There are copies available on Amazon.
I have a limited supply of new copies, which I am happy to sell and sign. Inquiries welcome.


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