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SO not JAZZ features nine songs for guitar, cello, piano, and voice that Marcia and Todd performed on their 2009 concert tour. This recording aims to capture the exuberance of those live shows as well as Marcia’s entrancing improvisations. The album contains four instrumentals and five songs with vocals.

Song Notes
A little traveling music.
So Not Jazz
So named by guitarist Todd Novak when he heard the guitar part, and before Marcia had her way with the tune.
Always Love
I give to you, you give to me,
We plant the seeds to keep the garden growing.
Goody’s Song
Based on a poem written by Todd’s grandmother when she was eighty years old. Hearing the song, Goody proclaimed, “Oh, if we can only get that to Johnny Mathis all our troubles will be over.”
Samba For Mooli
Dedicated to the memory of our dear friend Juliette White.
Here In The Heart
Here in the heart of mountains, rivers are yesterday’s snow.
We hide from the laws of men, to learn what we need to know.
Precious Dream
Campaign song for our ideal candidate for any office.
On The Way Home
A solo piano version accompanied D.R. Wagner reading Promise Me and was the soundtrack for Robert Smith’s documentary about homeless people. Marcia added the cello part to make the song a pas de deux.
As I fumble for the words, you will start to move away.
May I ask you please to stay, while I think of what to say.
Sample Clips
  1. Something
  2. So Not Jazz
  3. Always Love (SnJ)
  4. Goody's Song (SnJ)
  5. Samba for Mooli (SnJ)
  6. Here in the Heart (SnJ)
  7. Precious Dream (SnJ)
  8. On the Way Home
  9. Beautiful (SnJ)

Here's Garth Hagerman's nature video featuring “On the Way Home” as the soundtrack:

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