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43 Short Piano Improvisations

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I was forced to take piano lessons for one tortuous year when I was seven, but I was so terrified of my teacher, I could not learn to read music. Nine years later, I embarked on a new relationship with the piano, a relationship without written-down music or a teacher. I am now sixty and have played the piano earnestly for forty-five years, improvising and composing intuitively. A number of these pieces first appeared as chapter transitions in the audio book versions of my novels Under the Table Books and Ruby & Spear, while others were created expressly for this album.

Especial thanks to Max Greenstreet for encouraging me to make this collection, Peter Temple for his invaluable assistance, my wife Marcia Sloane for her ongoing support of my explorations, and to Robert Smith, Mindy Toomay, David Jouris, Robin Chin, John Grimes, and Dick Mead, all of whom asked me to play for them more than once.


Here's Garth Hagerman's nature video featuring “Dawn” and “Grandfather” as the soundtrack:

Another video, another video site, two more songs from this CD:

Tender Evening; Glimpses of Russian Gulch State Park from Garth Hagerman on Vimeo.

Sample Clips

  1. If You Will
  2. Company
  3. Simple Song (Blue)
  4. No One Knows
  5. Spaces
  6. Whatever For
  7. On the Edge
  8. Missing You
  9. Steps
  10. Tenderly
  11. Morning Prayer
  12. Not So Sure
  13. Tenderly Too
  14. If You Would Call Me
  15. Eva’s Waltz
  16. Simple Song (Sweet)
  17. Here Somewhere
  18. Trouble
  19. Sorrow
  20. Rise and Fall
  21. Questions
  22. Simple Song (Shy)
  23. What’s Up?
  24. Bill Evans
  25. Train of Thought
  26. Come On Now
  27. Mary
  28. Grandfather
  29. Where You Were
  30. Forgotten Impulses
  31. Wedding Prayer
  32. Rain
  33. Darling
  34. Marconi
  35. Told You
  36. Tenderly Free
  37. You Me
  38. Anita Anita
  39. Reaching Out
  40. One Fell Swoop
  41. Dawn
  42. Broke My Heart
  43. What You Do

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