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Marcia and I are very happy to present When Light is your Garden, our CD of nine tunes that took shape under the direction of recording wizard Peter Temple, and with the help of master percussionist Amunka Davila.

When asked to categorize the music on this album, we came up with Danceable Americana Love Ballads. However, Latin-tinged Folk Rock would work, too, as would New Age Ethnic Fusion.


“Samba for Mooli”, a song from When Light is your Garden, was the inspiration for this experimental film by Dan Nadaner

Sample Clips

  1. Sweet Maria
  2. Samba for Mooli
  3. When Light is Your Garden
  4. Beautiful
  5. Bahia de San Francisco
  6. You Are the One
  7. Here We Go
  8. Thought You'd Like to Know
  9. Must Be Crazy

(L to R) Amunka Davila, Todd Walton, Peter Temple, Marcia Sloane

(L to R) Amunka Davila, Todd Walton, Peter Temple, Marcia Sloane

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