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Recorded on my Yamaha U-7 upright in October 2013 in our Mendocino living room, Incongroovity is my fourth piano CD and a return to solo piano after making Mystery Inventions with bassist extraordinaire Kije Izquierda, who seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth. I am told this often happens shortly after one finally finds a really good bass player to work with. In any case, I enjoyed flying solo again, though I longed for a tasty drummer on some of the more danceable tunes.

Incongroovity is composed of nine solo piano improvisations, one piano-voice song with actual words, and two poems accompanied by sympatico piano. The word “incongroovity” refers to the successful (to my ears) marriage of seemingly (but not really) incongruous parts resulting in a groovacious totality.

I almost called this album “Narratives” because my dear friend, the late great poet Quinton Duval, said that whenever he listened to me improvising he felt caught up in a story made of images growing out of the music. Others have commented that these tunes would make good soundtracks for movies, which is what inspired me to read a couple of story poems over music.

Incongroovity is downloadable in whole or parts (separate tracks) from Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and other online music sites.


Sample Clips

  1. Incongroovity
  2. Eva Waltzing
  3. Morning Coffee
  4. Miles in Mind
  5. Real Good Joe
  6. Rico’s Dance
  7. Risking Delight
  8. Passing Fancy
  9. What Comes Around
  10. Bodega
  11. Why Now?
  12. The Old Way Home


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