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Lounge Act In Heaven

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Lounge Act In Heaven features twelve of Todd’s original songs for guitar, piano, accordion, cello, and voice.

Todd: guitar, piano, vocals

Gwyneth Moreland: accordion and vocals

Marcia Sloane: cello

Song Notes
Track 1: The Way Things Go
a swingin’ latter-day Alice’s Restaurant about the unusual life of a man named Ricky
Track 2: Happy Birthday, Darling
a birthday song about love and devotion and the mysterious passing of time
Track 3: Lounge Act In Heaven (instrumental)
a stirring piano/accordion duet
Track 4: Sometimes It Seems
a calypso song extolling the healing power of dancing and singing and friendship
Track 5: Just Love
a tender love song
Track 6: A Wedding Song
made of questions we might ask each other
Track 7: Sugar Mornings (instrumental)
a dreamy piano/cello/accordion ensemble
Track 8: Studio Time
a jazzy take on every rock n’ roller’s dream
Track 9: Sweet
two sweet women harmonizing on a lovely folk aire
Track 10: Love’s Body (instrumental)
a passionate piano improvisation
Track 11: You Are the One
a call to fully embrace your talent and power
Track 12: Light Song
a ceremonial celebration of the mystical nature of life

Lounge Act in Heaven is downloadable in whole or parts (separate tracks) from Spotify, iTunes, and other online music sites.

Sample Clips

  1. The Way Things Go
  2. Happy Birthday, Darling
  3. Lounge Act in Heaven
  4. Sometimes It Seems
  5. Just Love
  6. A Wedding Song
  7. Sugar Mornings
  8. Studio Time
  9. Sweet
  10. Love's Body
  11. You Are The One
  12. Light Song


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