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The Writer's Path (2000)

"This book provides a hands-on practice that brings the mind into the open and imagination back into writing. I can't imagine a more useful, friendly tool." —Julia Connor, poet extraordinaire

The Writer's Path by Todd Walton I was certain that if a publisher would ever keep a book of mine in-print for more than a few weeks, it would do well. I had published five novels (four with big New York houses and one with a San Francisco house) and one non-fiction work before I got a chance to test my hunch.

When Ten-Speed published The Writer's Path they failed to get the book reviewed anywhere (save for one nice paragraph in Library Journal), the book was not widely distributed, and not a cent was spent on advertising or promotion. But they kept it in-print. For years. As of our last royalty statement, the book had sold over ten thousand copies and many of the original exercises therein have now been widely “copied” in more recent writing books. Used copies trade briskly on Amazon, and since the book is nowhere to be found in actual bookstores, the continuing sales must be on the internet.

Most of the writing books available today are a waste of a reader/writer's money and time. Not so The Writer's Path. We have had numerous letters from writers and writing teachers thanking us for our wholly original and effective and FUN curriculum: our motto being Process Not Analysis.


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