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A lovely paperback edition of Buddha In A Teacup: Contemporary Dharma Tales was published in 2016 by Counterpoint Press.

Todd was born in San Francisco on October 17, 1949 at 6:33 AM. He began his career as an entertainer at the age of six, performing original songs, stories, and imitations of silly adults for friends, siblings, and classmates. A thespian and athlete in high school, Todd attended UC Santa Cruz from 1967-69 before abandoning academia to see what he could see.

Having made his living as a musician and landscaper, Todd sold his first short story in 1975 to Cosmopolitan magazine. In 1978, Doubleday published Todd’s critically acclaimed novel Inside Moves. A movie of Inside Moves, with a script by Barry Levinson and directed by Richard Donner, was made in 1980 (and recently released on DVD after thirty years in cold storage.) An interview with Todd is included on the DVD of Inside Moves. Disclaimer: Todd does not make a dime from the DVD of Inside Moves, which we feel is wrong.

Todd’s second novel, Forgotten Impulses, was published in 1980 by Simon and Schuster and was a New York Times notable novel of that year. Louie & Women was published by Dutton in 1983, and Night Train was published by Mercury House in 1986. In 1996, Bantam published Todd’s fifth novel, Ruby & Spear.

Todd’s first non-fiction work, Open Body: Creating Your Own Yoga, was published by Avon in 1998. Todd’s fable Of Water and Melons was published by Red Wing Press in 1999. In May of 2000, Ten Speed Press published The Writer’s Path, a book of original writing exercises co-written by Mindy Toomay.

Under the Table Books published Todd’s award-winning collection of short stories Buddha In A Teacup in 2008 and his award-winning novel Under the Table Books (with drawings by the author) in 2009. Since 2013, Todd has self-published eight original works in coil-bound editions, each copy signed and numbered: Oasis Tales of the Conjuror, Ida’s Place Books One through Four, Calliope of Hope, Magenta, and Sources of Wonder.

Complete audio versions of Buddha In A Teacup, Under the Table Books, Ruby & Spear, and Inside Moves, performed by Todd, are available from Audible and Itunes. Todd’s seven albums of music are available from this web site and Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby. Todd lives in Mendocino with his wife Marcia Sloane. Here is a recent picture of Todd.

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